We understand your fears and constraints. In order for your brand to succeed, your confidence is key and we aim to build it through a series of actions


Let no company or anybody tell you how much your product is worth. Take back control with Dohsatsu. Determine the price your product is to be sold in Japan to avoid jeopardising its future competitiveness.

Safeguard your Brand

Permeate the Japan market with the same vigour as your home market. Our expertise of the market enables us to curate content that cushions your brand from misunderstandings and ensure that its original intent is expertly communicated.

Multifaceted Approach

With Dohsatsu, you are guaranteed to outlive the existing entry & localisation barriers. Our multifaceted visibility approach makes it easy for customers to find you which in turn optimizes the growth potential, a boost in sales and establishes a secure foundation for your brand.

Customer Loyalty Inspiration

First impressions are key in any market. We put a lot of effort on planning, launching and marketing your product to unearth real consumer insight that ensures a safe landing in Japan. Regardless of your brand`s standing, Dohsatsu aims at striking the right tone from the onset to avoid lackluster reception,and also put up a formidable bulwark against resistance in a notoriously risk-averse market such as Japan.