A Multiservice Crowdfunding Agency

that offers More for Less in Japan.

Dohsatsu is the fulcrum for overseas brands looking for a smooth landing in Japan

Ours is to make you Yens not promises


Permeate the Japan market with the same Vigour as your home market.


We will strive to build momentum and credibility of the campaign weeks before going live


This is the main event. We will manage the entire campaign process for you.


We will help you keep the customers happy and engaged.

Business Operations

We have other operations instrumental to the longevity of your brand.

Japan Importation Management

Allow us to be your doorway for your Non-regulated products.

Why Count on us?

We are a team that is endowed with extensive knowledge of the crowdfunding and e-commerce market of Japan, and high level experience in new market entry research and analysis.

The co-founders are previously from crowdfunding and the Big 4 consultancy firm backgrounds.


200+ Companies
Inbound business consultancy.


120+ Companies
in Europe, Middle East & Africa, ASEAN

Crowdfunding Platforms

Active on at least 5 Crowdfunding Platforms
( including the Big 3: CAMPFIRE, GREENFUNDING & MAKUAKE)


Native Japanese & English
Speakers w/ others to join soon

Partner with us

We offer crowdfunding and e-commerce marketing solutions, importer of record, warehousing and customer support services all under one roof.

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