This is the main event. We will manage the entire campaign process for you.

Platform Selection & Registration

Based on insight guided by our expertise and personal platform experience in Japan, Dohsatsu determines which platform is ideal for your product but the last call is made by you, our esteemed client.

Content Upload & Curation

Dohsatsu will curate and accordingly upload, submit and edit all the project content before launch.

SNS & Web Marketing

Depending on the set-aside budget, Dohsatsu will run and manage all the social media and web marketing campaigns. Facebook/Ig, Line, twitter and yahoo are some of the major platforms that we are active on.

Backer Interactions

Backer direct messages on social media or platform inbox, campaign comments and emails will be managed effectively.

Campaign Updates

Posting timely updates is crucial in attracting late adopters as well as keeping those already part of the campaign abreast of the latest ongoings related to the project such media features, promos, additional perks etc. Our job is to ensure that is professionally and comprehensively communicated.

Overall Campaign Management

Any extra activities such as perk additions, thumbnail and image changes, newsletter applications among others will be well taken care of.