Business Operations

We offer other services that would promote your brand`s further establishment and expansion in Japan.

Customer Support

In order to inspire customer loyalty for your product/brand, we have native laguage support rendered via telephone, email and live chats.


There is an enormous opportunity for startups and e-commerce businesses looking to expand into the Japan marketplace. Great rewards and returns are to be enjoyed by brands that allocate adequate amount of time and resources on market research and localization. At Dohsatsu, we are well versed with the peculiarities of the Japan marketplace and will help scale your business on Rakuten, Amazon Japan, Yahoo Japan!, Paypaymall and Monotaro.

Consultancy Services

We provide Japan E-commerce Marketplace listing consultancy services.

We provide advisory services on how to venture into Japanese crowdfunding/consumer market through the framework below:

  • Go to market strategy
  • Understanding the market
  • Preparation of a master-plan on how to launch in the market
  • Market Launch
  • Advancement and Access to the consumer market