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Regulated Products & Non-Regulated Products

The importation of goods into Japan requires a great understanding and a disciplined following of laws and regulations that govern the way these goods are allowed into the country. Goods flowing into Japan are divided into 2 major categories: Regulated Products & Non-Regulated Products.

Regulated Products

  • These goods do require government approval for importation into Japan.
  • They include goods such as medical devices, cosmetics, toys for children under the age of 6, food and food apparatus. Each of these products have to apply for Japan standards clearance and acquire approval before entry.
  • Dohsatsu is here to guide you manage and circumvent the whole process of importing regulated products into Japan.

Non-regulated Products

  • Direct government approval for these goods is not required for importation into Japan.
  • However, there are specific requisite certifications that MUST be acquired for items such as lithium-battery products and bluetooth devices.
  • An importer of record is required for the importation of these goods and foreign online sellers in Japan are mandated to conform to import documentation regulations.

At Dohsatsu, ours is to quickly and effectively solve your logistics concerns while enabling you to save on costs and unending legal procedures surrounding your Japan importation exercise. If you are one of those that we might be resourceful to, please leave us a note via the contact form below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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