We know how to captivate your audience and tell your Kickstarter campaign’s story in a way that converts.

Tell Your Project’s Story With Our Campaign Copywriting And Strategy Services.

It’s one thing to be able to show off your product, but you also need to be able to properly communicate why your next big idea is pertinent to your backers’ lives. Our team of content strategists identifies what separates you from competitors and understands how to communicate with your audience so that your project resonates with backers. We know that your idea solves a big problem – let us show your customers the solution.
Your Story, Our (well-researched) Words.
As leaders in launching products and companies, our experienced team offers an impartial and fresh perspective when it comes to writing for your crowdfunding startup. By taking our years of experience writing crowdfunding content for projects in each category, and everything we’ve learned about your product during our strategy sessions and pre-launch, we are able to make the most informed and strategic decisions for your campaign. While our campaign copywriters construct a page that is customized to your strengths with our optimized templates in mind, they are working with our in-house team of graphic designers to ensure that your page stands out while telling your story. Our services don’t stop there – we will also take the time to help you construct your rewards strategy with the most effective sales tactics in mind.

Successful Campaigns


Whether you need an all-encompassing strategy or assistance with a single service, we provide value for your new product launch. We offer crowdfunding, product development and digital marketing services, all under one roof.